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Advertising In Fort Myers: Why Radio Is Still The Best Option

Jun 24, 2023 11:32:19 AM / by Larry Julius

Advertising In Fort Myers: AdviceLocal businesses have been marketing their goods and services on Fort Myers radio since 1940. That's when The Fort Myers Broadcasting Company was granted a license to build and operate WFTM.

WFTM switched its call sign in 1942 to WAAC and became an affiliate of the CBS radio network. Two years later, the call letters changed once again. This time to WINK.

Who could have guessed that 83 years later, advertising on Fort Myers radio would still be the best advertising option for all types of retailers and business owners.

Every week, according to Nielsen, Fort Myers radio reaches 839,160 adult consumers. This reach is significantly higher than all other advertising options including local TV, cable, social media, streaming video, online audio, and newspapers.

Advertising In Fort Myers 2022-2023

Reach, according to Nielsen, is the audience metric most responsible for driving the success of an advertising campaign. Only the message itself carries more sway.

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advertise on fort myers radioAccording to additional data released this month by Nielsen, not only does AM/FM radio reach more adults each week, but the medium also reaches more adults every single month. This is true among almost every imaginable demographic segment.

Advertise In Fort Myers Reach By Device 2023-Age Group

Among all ad-supported audio options, according to Nielsen's new research, AM/FM radio commands the greatest time spent listening every day. In other words, adult consumers spend more time listening to local radio than with choices such as YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Podcasts, and Sirius/XM.

Advertising In Fort Myers Audio Ad Supported Media

Local business owners may wonder why Fort Myers radio, an early 20th-century technology remains the dominant advertising medium among adult consumers.

According to the 2023 Media Techsurvey from Jacobs Media, these are the three main reasons listeners choose to spend the majority of their audio time with AM/Radio:

  • Easiest To Listen To In Car (67%)
  • It's Free (64%)
  • DJs/Hosts/Shows (60%)

Radio's reach dominance over nearly ten decades can also be attributed to the medium's strategic decision to make its content available both over-the-air and online.  According to Nislen's latest measurements, 20% of all time listening to AM/FM radio among adults 25-54 happens via stations' online streams.  This is 42% more time than in 2021.

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