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Best Way to Reach Moms in Southwest Florida

Jul 2, 2019 6:17:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Fort Myers radio reaching Southwest Florida MothersAdvertising on Fort Myers radio stations is the best way for local small business owners to reach the lucrative, local mother market.  Here's why.

Southwest Florida consumers will spend $22 billion over the next 12 months. Forbes magazine reports that it is moms who control 85% of all household purchases. Locally,  there are more than 143,000 mothers with children under the age of 17 at home.

SWFL small business owners need to pay special attention to these mothers and their wallets. For example, compared to the general population, over the next 12 months, local moms live in households that are

  • 122% more likely to purchase a mattress
  • 92% more likely to buy furniture
  • 15% more likely to purchase a car or truck
  • 44% more likely to take a family vacation
  • 50% more likely to buy a major appliance
  • 48% more likely to look for a new job
  • 44% more likely to move
  • 42% more likely to buy a house or condo
  • 59% more likely to get married
  • 35% more likely to purchase a pool or hot tub

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There are three things these moms have in common. They are women. They have kids at home And, almost every single one of them, 90.9%  to be exact, listens to Fort Myers radio stations each week.  This is a significantly higher percentage than tune-in to local TV; reach local newspapers; or log-on to Pandora or Spotify.

Advertise In Fort Myers Southwest Florida Mothers

All moms are valuable, of course, but it's SWFL working mothers who have the most money to spend at local businesses.

Southwest Florida Working Mothers By Income

Advertising on Fort Myers radio stations is, clearly, the best way for local business owners to reach working moms.  More than 90% percent of all employed mothers tune-in each week.

Advertising In Fort Myers Working Moms

A recent study by Nielsen that reach is the second most important component of an advertising campaign for driving sales.  It's second only to the creative elements.

To reach both working and stay at home mothers, no other medium comes close to advertising on Fort Myers radio stations.

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