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Advertising In Southwest Florida: Drivers Turn Up The Radio

Jan 20, 2021 3:40:43 PM / by Larry Julius

Fort Myers In Car Radio ListeningIn 1921, radio came to Florida. Listeners in the Fort Myers-Naples area could tune-in signals from either WQAM in Miami or WDAE in Tampa.

From that year, many predicted radio's success would succumb to advances from new technologies. In 1927, the challenge came from talking movies. In the 1940s, the predators were 13-inch TV sets. In the 1970s, it was 8-track and cassette tapes. In the past 20 years, there was a multi-flank attack from iPods, Zunes, YouTube, Sirius, XM, Pandora, Spotify,

So far, all of these challengers have failed. Not even a pandemic has been able to remove radio as a vital force in the life of Southwest Florida consumers.

Every week, according to Nielsen, more adults tune-in to Fort Myers radio than watch TV or cable. Use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Read newspapers. Or, stream music from Pandora or Spotify.

Advertising In Fort Myers-Naples Adult Media Reach 2020 (r2)

A significant contributor to radio's unyielding success is the medium's place on the dashboard of the Fort Myers area's 760,000 cars and trucks.

According to Edison Research, radio is, by far, the most used source of audio when Fort Myers consumers climb into the driver's seat.

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In March 2020 a lockdown sequestered many cars and trucks in their owners' garages.  By May, however, data from both the U.S. Department of Transportation and Apple Mobility indicate consumers were returning to the road.  Since then, the number of trips taken by car has stayed near or at pre-pandemic indices. 

Advertising in Fort Myers Traffic

Advertise In Fort Myers Traffic

During the early part of the pandemic, as consumers stayed off the road, radio listening shifted from in-car to at-home. The shift did reduce, slightly, both the number of people who tuned-in to radio each week. But as the street began to fill again, the listening pendulum is swinging back.

Advertise On Fort Myers Radio In-Car Listening

By the end of December 2020, according to Nielsen, radio has reclaimed the majority of listeners  lost at the onset of the pandemic.

Fort Myers Radio Listening During PandemicConsumers who listen to radio in their cars are a treasured audience for Fort Myers-Naples area small business owners and retailers.New call-to-action

A study by USA Touchpoints, a cross-platform measurement company, studied the time-lapse between audio media use and time of purchase. Radio was, by far, used most often within one half-hour of a purchase.

Advertise In Boston Media Used Prior To PurchaseAccording to an article published by WARC, a company that collaborates with more than 50 respected marketing organizations, including the Advertising Research Foundation and the Association of National Advertisers, reaching consumers in their cars has a powerful effect on buying behavior.

"Radio ads heard in the car on the way to the store have a significant effect on purchasing intentions according to new research on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) advertising," says WARC.

The study conducted by Touchpoints indicates that these radio commercials heard in the car increased purchased intent among loyal customers by 38%. 

Purchase intent among non-loyal brand-customers rose 39%  among those exposed to in-car radio commercials.

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