Advertising In SWFL: Comparing The Options For Small Business Owners

Sep 13, 2019 6:56:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Advertise in Fort Myers Media ReachAdvertising is critical to the success of every Southwest Florida small business owner.  One of the most powerful elements of any advertising campaign is how many people it reaches.

Nielsen, the world's largest consumer insights company, found that advertising reach has a more significant effect on sales than branding, recency, and context.

There are many ways a local business owner can advertise. This includes traditional media like Fort Myers radio, local TV, and newspaper. It also includes online advertising options such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pandora.

They type of customer an individual business needs to reach depends on the goods and services the company sells. For instance, a daycare operator might want to reach households with young children. On the other hand, a real estate agent could be looking for consumers in the market to purchase a new home.

The charts below reveal how the different advertising options available to Fort Myers-Naples business compare in terms of the ability to reach customers with specific characteristics. This includes age, income, education, employment status, political affiliation, number of children, ethnicity, and purchase intent.

Reach By Age:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Age Group

Reach By Income:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Household Income

Reach By Education:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Education

Reach By Employment Status:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Employment Status

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Reach By Number Of Children At Home:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Children In Household

Reach By Ethnicity:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Ethnic Group

Reach By Political Party Affiliation:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Political Party Affiliation

Reach By Planned Household Purchases:

Advertise In Fort Myers Media Reach By Purchase IntentThe demographic characteristics demonstrated above represent just a small number of the categories a business owner can consider.  A reputable representative from an SWFL media organization will be able to provide access to considerably more information.

More Advertising Advice For Fort Myers Area Small Business Owners

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